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Infra-Red Remote Controls

Biometric Sensors

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Welcome to MFM Engineering. We specialize in design and development of electronic products. Our company offers unique services to individuals with an idea, and companies without on-site engineering expertise, or scheduling time, to create products in house.

We are experienced and well-versed in all areas of electronic design, including schematic capture, circuit simulation, firmware and software design, as well as, PCB layout and package design. We guarantee a working product within your budget and time frame by using the latest, most advanced tools for design and simulation, along with our many years of experience.

 MFM Engineering offers a simple and cost effective process to designing, or re-designing your product. We welcome all engineering inquiries, large or small.


Mission Statement

MFM Engineering was formed to create a platform for companies to simplify access to accomplished engineering talent. The lack of seasoned, skilled engineers, here in the USA, has grown to epidemic proportions. We are a nationalistic company that believes in putting Amercia first and believes in designing and manufacturing products in this country. With this founding principle in mind, we offer a number of engineering services and products designed and built completely in the USA with a minimum of foreign content.